Automated Forex Trading

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Our Automated Forex Trades instantly copied and auto-executed directly into your trading account 24 hours a day no matter where you are.

Trade Forex without having to do any work or make any trading decisions We do all the trading for you. Compatible with any Forex broker.

How does it work?

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Automated Trade Example: View more results.


Automated Trade Example: View more results.


Automated Trade Example: View more results.

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Click to view USDCAD.

Automated trading.

  • Receive buy and sell trades directly to your
    Forex trading account.
  • Use any MT4 platform with any forex broker.
  • No commission fees.
  • Hosted solution. Run your MT4 account on our servers. No need for forex software or VPS.


  • Top-of-the line Forex Trade Copier Software is fast and easy to install and you can set up your Trade Copier within minutes after subscribing.
  • Entry Point, Stop Loss and Take/Profit Targets set for every Forex trade.
  • No need to learn about different Forex trading systems or Forex trading methods.
  • Remove the psychological element which can adversely affect your ability to trade the Forex market.
  • Choose from a variety of Forex trading strategies. To learn more about each strategy, click here.

Additional Perks

  • Compatible with any MT4 platform with any Forex broker.
  • View a daily report of trades generated with our Forex Trade Copier.
  • Place your own Forex trades in your account simultaneously if you wish to do your own trading.
  • You can adjust your leverage to be more or less than our leverage defaults.

Why Trade With Us

  • Gain access to a variety of Forex trading strategies and combine multiple strategies according to your preferences.
  • Trade the Forex market without having to do any work or without having to make any trading decisions.
  • Setting up is easy and instant after you pay.  No LPOA or LOD forms are required, just install our Forex Trade Copier software on your MT4 account and insert the password given to you after you subscribe.
  • Our Forex services available worldwide.
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