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You CAN Benefit From Forex Market Swings

Never A Dull Moment With Swings

As long as our world remains uncertain, we can expect Forex market swings to happen all the time. One of the reasons we have been involved with Forex exclusively for the last 19 years is that “there is never a dull moment.”

It’s these changes in events and never ending breaking news that helps fuel these moves that create Forex trading opportunity almost daily. Our Trend Trader program has been set up to constantly monitor there changing events and identify trading trends and opportunities as they unfold.

Fed Announcement – Major Market Catalyst

The U.S. Dollar rally build up to the highly-anticipated interest rate hike from the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday was met with a Greenback sell-off when the actual announcement hit. This created a ripe field of Forex swing trading opportunities. Here are just a few of the trades we closed out since the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced the interest rate hike last week on March 15th.

SELL USD/JPY at 114.81, opened March 15th and closed March 20th for 226 pips.

SELL EUR/USD at 1.0623, opened March 10th and closed March 20th for 106 pips.

SELL USD/CHF at 1.0137, opened March 9th and closed March 16th for 173 pips.

Of course many of the trades are still open and trading and we may keep them open to fully take advantage of the ongoing move.

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Forex Market Webinar

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