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Trade Copier & The Human Touch

Trade Copier – The Human Touch

Unlike a robotic EA, a Trade Copier can benefit from the human touch. The EA software itself doesn’t just generate automated trades based on the data in the MT4 chart, which could be set up incorrectly or based on false market data. Rather a Trade Copier, such as the one from takes trades generated by a trading system on a master account, and trades are monitored and supervised by human traders as they are copied into the follower accounts.

navigatorThese trades are copied using EA technology from the main account, referred to as a “master” account to the follower accounts, called the “slave” or “Client” accounts.

As long as the Aforex software is online and running at the time the trade is placed in the Master account, all slave accounts will receive the exact same trade directly in their MT4 platform. The best way to keep an MT4 account online 24 hours a day is with a VPS.

Unlike EA’s set up like a robot, you don’t have to download the EA on to each chart in your MT4 platform. You just run it once, on any chart and any time frame, and you’ll automatically receive the trade copied into your MT4 platform.

Trend Trader  – Trade Copier

The beauty of the AForex Trend Trader strategy is that since 2010, the strategy has given profitable performance on a consistent basis year after year. Results are tracked and verified by 3rd party myfxbook and shows that from November 16, 2010 – February 6, 2017 it has returned 605% Gain.

Not only is the strategy well documented and historically profitable (please see risk disclaimer for more information about risk), the software is constantly updated to work well with current versions of the MT4 platform. The software is easy to use and easy to set up, and our well-trained account representatives are available to make sure that the software is set up correctly on your VPS, or ours.

If you are like so many traders who already trade on the MT4 platform, and you are looking for a solid EA, why not try out the Aforex Trader Copier system.

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MT4 – The Most Widely Used Forex Platform

meta-iconWhy Millions Use MT4

Millions of traders all over the world know and use MetaTrader4 (MT4.) While being extremely user friendly and easy to learn, MT4 also offers advanced technical analysis, trading indicators, and apps compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, IOS and Mac OS. But the most popular reason that traders use MT4 is for Expert Advisors (EAs).

What is an EA?

EAs are a plugin software that connects to the MT4 platform. With EA’s, traders can automate trades in their account without having to give up their trading privileges or sign any legal documents such as an LPOA. To use an EA, all traders have to do is download it and install a simple software onto their MT4 platform.

But not every solution is without its drawbacks.

The Cons of Trading With EA’s

Most EA’s are fully automated system programmed to run as a trading robot, often unmindful of major market events and announcements. They have technical programming built in to generate trades based on the data in the MT4 chart.
Since they are robots, if you run the EA on the wrong time setting or the wrong currency pair, you could receive false trades or errors. Also, often EA’s that work for a few months could eventually become out of date if there is a lack of human intervention to keep the EA current with market conditions.

The Pros of Trading With A Trade Copier EA

In my opinion, the best EA’s are less of a robot and more of a Trade Copier. An EA that is set up as a Trade Copier is more reliable than an EA that is set up like a robot.

How? This is discussed in the following article: Trade Copier & The Human Touch